Real name: Emtato Chen
Age: 21 - Dead for 200 years     Birthdate: 3/19 (Pisces)
Family: Blood relations if any Unknown
Birthplace: The Kan Tribe, an ethnic minority, in western
Height: 184 cm 
Bloodtype: O
Hobbies: Long distance horseback riding
Location of symbol: Right eye
Symbol: "To" big dipper
Power: Manipulating ice - any other powers are unknown.
Notes: His symbol corresponds with Sagittarius
Voice Actor: Hiyama Nobuyuki
If Hikitsu were in a gang, he'd be: Patcheye
Spice Girl Nickname: Pirate Spice

            With knowing very little about the Genbu seishi, it's hard to come down with a deep profile (As if the others were very deep) about this man.  I can guess he wears the patch because well, most likely because of his seishi symbol, he's probably blind in it.  He and Tomite were defenders of the Genbu Shinzahou.  They explain that their job was to fight whatever raiders were trying for it.  Miaka pleaded with the seishi, asking to believe her.  She displayed her power as Suzaku No Miko, and they allowed her to leave with the Shinzahou.  In the first OVA series (not affiliated with the manga or any of Watase's work in any way, shape or form...) there were two Genbu seishi guarding the new Genbu no Miko (Yui).  They both had a very strong striking resemblance to Hikitsu and Tomite, even though one called the other by the name of 'Hatsui' which is one of the other 5 unknown Genbu Seishi.  Was this just a lame attempt at trying to be original but not letting the animators know they're supposed to draw something *different*?  Who knows.  At least they were trying something.  Only us psycho FY fanatics actually noticed that.

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