Genbu no Miko
Genbu no Miko.  Sadly there aren't any better pictures of her.
Real name: Okuda, Takiko
Age: ?           Birthdate: ?
Family: Father (Okuda, Einosuke (at least))
Birthplace: (Lived in Morioka)
Height: ?       Bloodtype: ?
Hobbies: ?
Power:  As the Genbu priestess, she has the potential to protect her body.
Anything else worth mentioning?  Not really.
Voice Actress: Atsuko Tanaka

             I'll just give you the information about her.  Her name is Takiko.  She appeared in the book about 200 years previous to the current timeline in the book (With Seiryuu and Suzaku  at war, yadda ya).   Because of the time difference between the book and the outside world, it had only been about 80 years.  Her father was a researcher and bookwriter.  He did lots of religeous studies, on of which focused on 'Four Gods Earth and Sky' book and the beliefs around it.  His daughter, Takiko, who had been engulfed into the book, didn't quite come out the same person.  In an attempt to solve things, he killed his daughter, and then himself.  He asked his close friend, the father of Susano (Byakko no Miko), to take the book and be sure it would never be opened again.  That promise was never fullfilled.  Takiko is buried with her father in Morioka.  In the first OVA series you get to hear a little more on that subject.  When Tamahome is sucked back into the Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho world, it is Genbu No Miko's voice that calls to him.  She explained that she was being erased, her gravestone disappearing. The first OVA series really doesn't have anything to do with the Fushigi Yuugi manga universe, and such.  Watase didn't have any input on the first OVA series other thanshe found it neat what other people could come up with in using her creations.

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