Fushigi Yuugi Original OVA Series I

A bit of notes before I begin with the summary - This was never in the comic book version of the series.  This OVA series was basically to tie the events from the end of the TV series (which stated that Tamahome had returned, which was not correct) to the Second OVA series (which continued the comic book series from volumes 14-18).  This took a great deal of liberties and did a whole bunch of basically messed up things to the otherwise nicely established TV series version and changed around the events so drastically that it and warped everything we knew about the FY Universe :P  While some welcome the differences from the TV/Animated versions to the comic series, this is by far one of the most confusing three episodes ever due to the nature of their contents.  I'll hopefully explain things as they come along not to mention give a basic summary as to what's going on in my own words.  Some may be bullshit, and some may even be really good explanations as to what's going on there.  Take it with a grain of salt. ^_^;

~ Nuriko

OVA I - Episode 1

Starts off showing famous National library.  Dark room - "Employees only."
Books among more books, you see the Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho being taken.
Next day.
Keisuke, Tetsuya, Miaka, and Tamahome board a train to Morioka to visit Suzuno's grave.
Miaka comments about Yui-chan not being able to come with.  Tetsuya says he forced her to stay home because she wasn't feeling well.
Opening theme - "Yo ga akeru mae ni"
Apparently some japanese monks do own Ferraris.
Toki grabs his Land Rover and goes to meet the group at the station.
Miaka reminices about how Suzuno and Tatara were able to cross dimensions, and reflects that she wouldn't have known what to do if Tamahome hadn't appeared in her world.
Tamahome gets a weird feeling.
Toki suggests they also visit Takiko's grave - Genbu no Miko.
Weird conversation about Toki's Grandfather was truly in love with Suzuno (and also knew Einosuke Okuda, and most likely Okuda Takiko because Suzuno's father was good friends with Einosuke).
Takiko calls to Tamahome, "Give me your hands.  At this rate, I'll disappear."
Tamahome is pulled away from the real world by a red light - he disappears at that graveyard.
Back on the train, Tetsuya talks to Yui over the phone about Tamahome's disappearance.  He tells Keisuke that he's going to go to the room to get the book - despite the time (In other words, he's going to break into the library after hours and steal it).

Not very clear as to the the time progression:  Now it's Yui, Keisuke and Tetsuya in the Yuuki home apartment.  They try to explain the information behind what they know.  Okuda Einosuke tried to burn the book (Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho) but the book couldn't be burned (It's magical!  Duh...), and Tetsuya tried to retrieve the book as stated earlier on the train, but someone has now also stolen the book before they could get to it.  Also somehow during all this time that had happened, Miaka also searched the city in the rain by herself searching for Tamahome (How could she not believe he was gone, since he had been pulled away by a red light?).
Tetsuya notes and wonders if that person would be pulled into the book (Implied, like an average guy reading it would be pulled in).
Yui says, "A 5th miko?"
Keisuke has a sudden realization and then they realize they should find out and research to see if Okuda Takiko really 'existed'.
Tetsuya says something about how the book IS finished, and it should not possible for someone to show up saying, "I'm the new miko, get lost." and that Takiko's (and the rest of the Miko's and Seishi's) existance would be erased.
Miaka interrupts, "Yui-chan and I will disappear?"

Tamahome finds himself in a run down alley in Konan country.
He observes some kids playing and remembers Tasuki and Chichiri are in this world, not to mention -- Hotohori's son, Boushin (And Houki).
He approaches the guards and is lead to the Emperor as one of the Suzaku Seishi.
A young boy named "Gyoushuku" is emperor, the grandson of Boushin.
I just wanted to note here - Gyoushuku is a very Seishi-sounding-like name.  Shuku is the Kanji that is the second part of a seishi name, like for example - Tamahome's real name is "Sou Kishuku" (Ki, meaning ogre, and Shuku meaning inn lodging).  He also has the voice of Nuriko, Sakamoto Chika.  The most annoying part about this little bit of (or lack of) information, is the fact that in the ending credits to that OVA, they don't list it as "Gyoushuku" but mere as "Prince" with Sakamoto Chika's name next to it.  How frustrating.  Doing a little research on just the Suzaku kanji alone, I was not able to come a cross a single kanji that had "Gyou" or even "Gyo" as a sound for anything.  Even chinese variations, Gui (Oni/Ki) IS sounding somewhat close, but that would be really pushing it, especially with the second part stating "Shuku"  The closest out of ALL the constellations would be Inami (Of the Genbu Seishi) which would be Gyuu (Not Gyou).  But it's quite obvious they're saying Gyou.  On with the normal summary.

Tama asks how many years have passed, and Gyousuku says 50 years. (Historically stating, they must have gone through Emperors really fast if young Gyoushuku is at the head of the country already and it's only been 50 years.)  They go to visit the Suzaku Shrine.  Tamahome remembers all the seishi.  Tamahome is then cast back from the shrine in a bright red light.
Gyoushuku screams, "Who are you!? Imposter!"
Tamahome tries to explain his position.  Gyoushuku says Suzaku's light cast him away and that he's an imposter.  He's beaten for his insolance (Hahaha) and thrown in a ditch outside of town.

Back to the real world - Miaka's ditching school.  Yui finds her.  Another weird scene, looks like a flash to the library and what appears to be a firetruck.  All these random images are VERY subtle and never spoken about really in the actual dialog (Like we're supposed to completely understand all the garbage they're tossing at us.  This may be reflectant on the earlier conversation about the library fire, how once there was a fire, and there was one again this time - however the foreknowledge of the books ability that it CANNOT be burned means that it was not lost in this fire).  Miaka says she can't hear his voice.  Miaka expresses how upset she is that she is not being able to contact Tamahome, and that she's afraid of losing everyone's memories because of the recent events with the missing book and all that weirdness.

Music in backround: Voice
Tamahome walks, camps, and wanders alone on his journey to find Mt. Taikyoku.

Keisuke and Tetsuya head back to Morioka for more clues.
Pan on shot of Yui wearing Nakago's earring - it glitters, reflecting foreshadowing.

Taiitsukun does not appear to Tamahome.  He remembers something about if a person has a wicked heart they cannot view or visit Mt. Taikyoku.  A woman appears from the backround and says, "I've been waiting for you, Nakago-sama".  Suddenly like some whacked out acid dream, the backround changes.  He is suddenly in a room with the Kokoro/Ki Kanji on his forehead shining in beautiful blue. "Change your clothes, they become you."

Roll ending credits: "Ashita no watashi o shinjitai"

Ladies Hot Spring Chapter - Fushigi Yuugi Recreational Trip Part 1

OVA I - Episode 2

Slight recap of first episode of this OVA series.
Roll opening credits
Tetsuya and Keisuke are doing research in a librbary (In Morioka), they're having trouble finding any documents on Okuda Takiko.  Tetsuya beats up Mr. Librbary Guy, angry that Yui would disappear.
At some point, Tetsuya, Keisuke and Toki decide to visit her grave.  The text on the gravestone is disappearing.

Back to the book-world.
Tamahome insists that he is NOT called Nakago.
The girl says her name is Kaen.
Another funny explanation, Kaen is the real name to Seiryuu Seishi, Soi.  (Her name was Haku Kaen, Haku being her last name).  It's only fitting that they are trying to imply that this woman is very Soi-like.  However, she displays no Seishi-like powers and the only similiarities is that she has the name and she also makes a reference to Soi later in the episode.

Kaen explains - that he (Tamahome) defeated (as Nakago) the seven Suzaku Seishi, when he defeated the one called Tamahome, he fell into a deep coma/sleep and had just woke up.  Tamahome's memories must have been switched with his (Nakagos).  Tamahome insists he IS Tamahome.
Kaen says to kill her if he doesn't believe her, but not to hurt himself.
Kaen makes a broth for him (medicinal).
Kaen drinks it to make sure he knows it's not poisoned.
Tama drinks it and goes to go sleep.

Scene of Tasuki and Chichiri - Tasuki complains about the long trip.  Chichiri feels Tamahome's chi/energy enter the world.

Kaen attempts to seduce Tamahome (She says she's not as good as Soi).  Tamahome rejects her.  You see Koji and some bandits outside the house stating. "Welcome back, Nakago"

Back to real world, Keisuke talks to Miaka and says Takiko's name on the headstone has disappeared, and that she's technically disappearing/vanishing from that world or even existing.  Keisuke has faith they'll get the book and Tamahome back.  He also gives Miaka a pep talk.  An earthquake occures - this is pretty much reflectant on the balance between the book and the real world.  Many earthquakes happen between here and the Second OVA. 

Next we flash to a weird scene of hearing an answering machine of Keisuke and Tetsuya talking (Yui is at her house/in her room though) - Yui's eyes glow green, green glow from under her bed.  You then see the Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho float up in a green light.  Yui is engulfed in a green light and enters the book.

Back in book.  Scene on Kaika/Amiboshi.  Suboshi calls to him.

Tamahome is attacked by the bandits.  He easily takes them down with his mad martial arts skillz.  Koji says it's revenge for his village and his ancestors.  Koji goes to attack with a sword and Tamahome accidently lets off a blue energy ball toward Koji, also energy strikes through all the remaining bandits.  Tamahome is in shock of this  overwhelming power.

Kaika leaves his adoptive family.  They ask him to be careful and return home safely.

Song: Perfect World

Tamahome asks if he's really Nakago.  Koji says that there is NO no mistaking that he is Nakago - he killed Chichiri, Tasuki, and everyone.  Koji says it has been 50 years but it's just like yesterday (and he doesn't look a day over 20).  Koji says, Blond hair, blue eyes - that's what Tamahome looked like.  Basically, confirming Kaen's statement from earlier in the episode.  Koji pulls a bomb on Tamahome - Tamahome protects himself with the energy shield and lives through the blast, unharmed.
Tamahome asks Kaen to get him some wine and disappears offscreen.
Kaen becomes Tomo.  Kekekekeke.

Real world, Miaka visits Yui's place - finds the book on the ground.

Back in book.  You see Tamahome unconscious, drunk himself silly in a corner (Near Taikyoku?) - still dressed in real world clothes.

Chichiri, Suboshi/Amiboshi, and Tasuki show up at the Taikyoku area.  Tomo is there with Yui.
Tomo states that Yui is now the new Genbu no Miko.  Two seishi are there by her side.

Miaka, in real world is reading the book.  Miaka decides to change her clothing into one of Yui's school uniforms.

You see the book write out the story - Then you see the word "Nakago" written on the paper.

Nakago appears. "Better watch yourself, Tomo."
Cue ending music.

Miaka is engulfed in a green light and enters the book to go after Yui.

Ending credits roll.

Omake part 2 of the hot springs trip.  This makes references to Volume 8 of the manga which had this particular situation omitted from the television series run.

OVA I - Episode 3

Opening theme.

The Genbu Seishi ask what he wants with Genbu no Miko.  They rush to attack Nakago. (The Dark haired one is referred to as "Hatsui", but looks like previous Genbu Seishi, "Tomite".  The blond one looks like "Hikitsu" without the eyepatch).  Chichiri knocks them out.  Nakago asks if he has to thank Chichiri.  Chichiri said he did it to save the two kids (The young Genbu seishi).   Tasuki threatens to show Nakago and Tomo the way OUT of that world.  Nakago says he'll just do what he kame to do, and destroys Tomo's "shin".  The earring explodes.  Yui snaps out of her trance.  Suboshi catches her.  Nakago tells Tomo to get lost, and he does.  Taiitsukun finally shows up.  She asks everyone to listen.

Meanwhile, in the evil lair of Tenkou - Tomo apologizes for his not able to do what he was supposed to do.
Tenkou says it's okay, then kills Tomo.

Taiitsukun says that the appearance of two Miko's within their world at the same time caused a huge disturbance in their world/the book.  Because of this, the link between both worlds was left open and scarred.  Chichiri realizes the thing that links the worlds the most would be... (implies Tamahome)
Nakago says Tamahome is on the Kodoku, AGAIN - Nakago says it's hard to beat, especially a second time.
Yui blames herself.  Taiitsukun asks for a solution from Nakago.  Nakago takes his leave and doesn't provide one - states "He's coming." (Tenkou)
Yui is ensnared in a spiral of energy.

Quick scene to show that Tetsuya has the book and visits Keisuke's house.

Tenkou appears says he'll take his Miko now.  He is basically the weakness of the book and the other world to take advantage of the situation.  Taiitsukun calls him a Majin.  He introduces himself as Tenkou. (More on this Majin business later)

Keisuke reads the book out loud.  Tetsuya comments how he's not "Fully released" (Implying Tenkou).

Tenkou asks Nakago to join him again.  He says "Using someone elses body" isn't something he wants to do, nor dying again.  Someone asks why he is there then, and then Nakago sarcastically replies that he just wanted to see the Suzaku Seishi once again, then disappears.  The dead Suzaku Seishi appear to help Tasuki and Chichiri.  Tasuki asks why everyone is there, and Hotohori replies, "We always appear where our Miko is."  Miaka appears in a red light.   Nyan Nyan also protects Tamahome and Miaka from Tenkou's blasts. Taiitsukun says they need to get the Shinzaho which is around Tenkou's neck. (Seiryuu's).  Miaka is wearing the other Shinzahou (Her engagement/wedding ring), and says it's all according to his plan (Up until now that is).

More random earthquakes in Japan.  Keisuke reads about Suboshi doing something for the one he loves.

In the book, Amiboshi debates with Suboshi's spirit about saving Yui no matter the cost.  It's to save everyone.
Ryuuseisui appear from nowhere.  They as twins put their life force into the Ryuuseisui and saving Yui.
Suboshi/Amiboshi is bleeding terribly.  Suboshi admits his love... then dies. 
Mitsukake continues to try to heal Tamahome.  Tamahome sees his families death again, with him wearing Nakago like armor - blaming himself.  Mitsukake is unable to beat the Kodoku

Tetsuya now reads.  Says Takiko arrives.

Takiko tells Yui that she needs to do the Summoning - and puts extreme faith in Yui to be able to defeat being consumed by the animal god where she could not (Takiko).  Yui says "But... If i do, you'll..."  Yui is aware of the cost that Takiko WILL disappear once the full summoning happens. 

Tamahome then remembers things about his families death and protecting Miaka.  In reality, Miaka kisses Tamahome.  He wakes up.

Takiko tells Yui to seal Tenkou.

Tamahome appears before Yui and protects her from getting burned by a Tenkou energy ball.

Yui calls the four gods, "Kaijin"  First wish: Seal Tenkou

Tenkou says he'll never give up.

Second wish: Revival of Takiko.

Taiitsukun says as long as Miaka and Tamahome remain together, the world barrier wouldn't stay.  Tamahome can't be in her world AND keep his memories of the past.  Tasuki complains about what being so wrong about two people who love eachother being together.  Miaka rambles on about working hard to do it, to get this, and how Taiitsukun told her once that anything is accomplished by a strong will.  Miaka then says, "Is that what being a grown up is?  I don't want to be a grown up!  I don't want to!"

Miaka and Tamahome say their goodbyes among the Seven Suzaku Seishi watching.  Tamahome gives his ring back to Miaka.  She accepts.

Miaka says, "...Thank you...everybody, thank you."

Yui, "Kaijin"  Third and final wish: Seal the connection between the real world and the book.

Miaka screams out to Tamahome once more before being transported back.

Yui and Miaka go back to the real world.  Mid-transport, Yui lets go of the ring (Tamahomes) and says "Go back to where you belong."

Now you see school kids going to school - Yui catches up to Miaka and asks if she wants to ditch.  They skip.

Song: Ashita wa ii hi ni naru
End credits roll.

They go to a cafe on the way to wherever they were going because Miaka's always hungry.

"Orb of memory?"

This is a set up for the Second OVA series.  Basically Tamahome's memories will be scattered away so he can be reborn into Miaka's world.  Taiitsukun says that she's not sure if it ACTUALLY leads to Miaka's world, but even if he is reborn there, he'd have no memory.  Tamahome decides to take the plunge - his memories spread about in orbs.  At the cafe, you see a young man with a necklace - and the ring that was left behind on it - serving Miaka and Yui their meal.

End of OVA I Series.

Last part of the Omake.


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