Real name: Houjyun
Age: 24               Birthdate: 5/21 (Taurus)
Family:? (Is known to be previous engaged)
Height: 175cm          Bloodtype:?
Hobbies: Fishing
Location of symbol: Right knee
Symbol: "Sho" well (as in the one you draw water from)
Power: Magic (learned from Taiitsukun), Teleportation
Notes: His constellation corresponds with Gemini
Voice Actor: Seki Tomokazu
Fan Parody Dub Name: Kit
If Chichiri were in a gang, he'd be: One-Eyed Blind
Spice Girl Nickname: Smiley Spice n.n

               Chichiri, the monk guy.  He's the oldest of the Suzaku Seishi, and generally shows it in his actions by not acting stupid.  Yet another shame that such a fine man is a monk, so most likely is celibate.  He lost his true love to his best friend, and carries the scar from that incident to this day.  His skills he acquired from learning under (and tolerating) Taiitsukun.  He's one of the TWO seishi that survived the war between Konan and Kutou, or rather Suzaku and Seiryuu.  A man who is always on his toes and in touch with everything around him, he was a vital asset to the team.  We should only hope to be as cool as him.

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