Byakko no Miko
Real Name: Ohsugi, Suzuno
Age:?             Birthdate:?
Family: Father, Ohsugi Takago.
Height:?           Bloodtype:?
Power: As the Byakko priestess, she has the potential to protect her body.
Notes: 60 years back, she was in love with the Byakko seishi, Tatara
Voice Actress: Nakazawa Midori

                  Susano fell in love with her seishi, Tatara.  They were separated after she called the god.  He from that point on chose to be the guardian of the Shinzahou.  She died in the real world much later in life while Keisuke and Tetsuya were there, reading the book out loud as her lover, Tatara died as well.  Even though it had been over 90 years in the book, it had only been around 60-70 years.  The two were reunited in spirit, destined in their own way to be together forever.

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