Real Name: ?
Age: 34        Birthdate: 11/21 (Scorpio)
Birthplace: ?
Family: ?         Bloodtype?
Height: 213 cm
Hobbies: Eating human flesh.
Location of symbol: Right hip
Symbol: "Bi" tail
Power: Shapeshift into a wolf
Notes: His symbol corresponds with the constellation of scorpio.
If Ashitare were in a gang, he'd be: Snoop Evil Dog
Spice Girl Nickname: Puppy Spice

              Ashitare is probably the most hated out of the Seiryuu Seishi next to Miboshi.  His monsterlike features were a vital role in the series, being the Seishi to fatally injure the first of the Suzaku Seishi to go down, Nuriko.  Not really much is known about this guy except Nakago would beat his ass to get things into his head.  The only person to feel sorry for him was Soi.  Thanks Soi.

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