Real Name: Bo Kotoku
Age: 15         Birthdate: 8/26 (Virgo)
Family:  Parents died in war, younger twin
brother, Suboshi
Birthplace: Tenryo, San'un Province, Kutoukoku
Height: 168cm      Bloodtype: A
Hobbies: Playing Music, composing
Location of symbol: Right shoulder
Symbol: "Ko" high spirits
Power: He can freely manipulate his 'Ki' that comes from his mouth.
Notes: His sign corresponds with the constellation of Virgo
Voice Actor: Ueda Yuuji
Fan Parody Dub Name: Annoying Band Member
If Amiboshi were in a gang, he'd be: The Mack Daddy
Spice Girl Nickname: Peppa Spice

                 Amiboshi, the eldest of the twins.  His power lies in his music, a free spirit if there ever was one.  He posed as the Suzaku Seishi Chiriko to get in good with the nice Suzaku people, then turned on them during the Summoning ceremony.  The plan was to sabotage and kill, but he ended up being on the other end of that.  Despite people thinking he's dead, the adorable little Seiryuu guy just was a bit amnesiac and living with a nice family near Sairou.  They called him Kaika.  Helping out Suzaku's end later by befriending Miaka once more, he was (In the manga) the only surviving Seiryuu Seishi.  The OVA series changes that a bit, but at least it's good to know he lasted the longest ^_^;  He and his twin Suboshi have a tight bond that could be felt even through the touch of skin.  Keeping this in mind, they make great communication devices.

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