Project A-kon 10 - Final Day - Sunday
 o/~ I woke up this mornin' on the right side of my bed. o/~ Kaworu and Misato pose for the camera
*Sigh*  Last day of the con.  I was sure to exchange info with Adam, and hit the dealers room once more to catch the last day of cosplayers.Two characters from Kare Kano, another popular Gainax series.
 Said my goodbyes to Tim,  I then hooked up with the local Texans for some good eats and entertainment at a place called the Golden Corral.  (Employee:  Did ya'll just come from church?).  We somehow lost Mark for about 12 hours.  I searched the hotel and around areas with Ruby.  What a weekend @_@.  The end came when my 10pm flight left Dallas/FTW airport as Geoff, Hotohori, Lucinda, Jen, David, and Francis sent me off. Tim and Me.  Gee, if we just put him in a suit he'd look like Kaji.

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We were prank calling places.  Really.
Lazy Sunday
I don't wanna know.
The Miko and her 'Sign'