Project A-kon 10 - Day 2 - Saturday

                I think I woke up about 10 am or so.  I got ready for another day.  Geoff, Tim & I hacked through the first draft of the script.  Adam then joined later to add his own aspects to it.  We came up with the script : "Ryouji Kaji's Guide to Gettin' Some." Which is a joke on videos you can purchase at stores.  Last minute preparations at hand, the cosplay was the largest thing today.  While waiting in line for the cosplay, Bruce Campbell himself was cruising the line for people to interview for his own little video archives. Bruce CampbellHe did get our group, so somewhere on Bruce Campbells home video is our evangelion group.  That thought truly bothers me somehow.  The verdict?  our group/skit got lots of laughs, and we did get an acknowledgment for "Best Male" for our Gendou.  That's 1 for 1 this year :)  I'm not as confident as I was last year.  My costume, frankly, SUCKS.  I'm hoping to win on pure humor this year.  So far, it's working.  After the cosplay, I got ready for the dance.  Instead of Misato, though, I'm dressed up as Utena from Revolutionary Girl Utena (Shoujo Kakumei Utena is the japanese title).  Ruby was dressed up as Anthy.  The beautiful top was made by Ruby's mother and was my birthday gift.  I must get Ruby to scan in the picture that was taken.  My camera was nowhere near us when we went out.  Ruby's mother is an amazing seamstress.    By the time the dance started, there were cops EVERYWHERE.  It seems "Da Bar" had gotten a tad out of control (or the people who drank from there) so they closed it down for good, and now the hotel was swarming with cops.  On a lighter note, one cop stopped, smiled, pulled out a camera and asked me and Ruby for our picture o.o;;;

Man we just look cool!
  Click on my Evangelion group for many other cosplay pictures during the con!
           We danced a bit, till the lack of hunger caught up with me.  After a short time, we left the dance to get foodstuffs from our favorite diner.  Now dragging Tim & Gregg along (who SO drunk off his ass, it's not even funny. ) down the corridors.  This is how the route went.
Mari Iijima
Elevator opens.  Mari Iijima steps out.
Gregg: "Hello Mari-sama."
Mari talks to the people in the elevator.
Me: "Oh look, it's Mari Iijima... and look, it's Tomoko and Matt in the elevator."
Matt: "Oh hey." *wave*
Mari says goodnight to Matt & Tomoko in japanese
Gregg: "Goodbye Mari-samaaaa"
Escaflowne crew with their cool tarot card things  It was interesting to say the least.  After another tiny meal @The diner, we met up with Lee and his sister.  We went back to Ruby's room and watched some special on animation while we chatted about stuff.  I was able to pull pointless disney trivia out of my ass and impressed a few people.  I guess my original goal of wanting to become an animator is useful for SOMETHING.  We migrated back to the room for sleep in the wee hours of the morn.

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This just seems all wrong...
Final Fantasy 7 Crew + Rinoa from 8