Collection of pictures from Masqueraders and stuff
    The first collection is here in line for the Watase panel
Smile Kenshin!
Here we have Lucinda taking a picture of me with  me taking a picture of her
Smile Nuriko!
C'mon!  I'll kick YOUR butt!  I am definantly much cooler than you! Duelling Tamahomes!  FIGHT!
C'mon!  I'll kick yer butt!  I'm cooler than you!!]
A Kaoru carrying a bokken.
Hello Kaoru!We're just here to see Yuu Watase
                                         Rei and Kaworu from Evangelion.  He wants his artbook signed too!
Lime doing a cute little peace sign for the camera ^_^ Bloodberry: Although I am standing in front of a Pepsi machine, I don't in any way endorse this product...Blue Seed Characters
Lime and Bloodberry from Saber Marionette J.  Kusanagi and another character from Blue Seed.
Sagara Sanosuke, Ginsu salesmanI'll only pose for this picture if you give me materia
Sanosuke posing with his large sword thing.    Yuffie doing a relaxed pose.
Another Kenshin Group ^_^
These folks were actually in line for Masquerade, not the Watase line, but I didn't know where to put this picture.  From the left we have Kamatari, Kaoru, Misao, Kenshin, Saitou, and Kamatari ^_^x
Vincent: My game was better than yours  Ramza: Yeah, but mine was only one disk, so there. Ramza and Vincent from the Final Fantasy games ^_^x

Random Watase shots
Yuu Watase, Talking head o_o Translator and Yuu Watase with the magnificent white water jug!
Floating Watase head!  AAAAAAAAAAH I dont know about you, but i always wanted my very own Watase head.  I guess with the pictures all ending up like this, we all wanted one.  And we were in the 2nd row too!   That table was just *that* far away.

Cosplay/Masquerade photos of our group
Look at us!  And this is only half the cast of our series!
Okay, left to right, back row first...  Shishio, Sanosuke, Sagara Taichou, Anji.
Middle row: Saitou, Okita, Kenshin, Soujirou, Kamatari, another Sanosuke (not with group)
Front Row: Enishi, Tomoe, and Kaoru.  We are Kenshin-gumi ^_^x

People you really don't want to meet in a dark alley
The baddies!  Kamatari, Shishio, Soujirou, and Anji
You really don't want me to pull this out and break my peacebond plastic, do you?Okita, Tomoe, and Sagara Taichou
 Kenshin and Saitou.  Oi!  When did he start wearing glasses?    Okita, Tomoe, and Sagara.
You talkin' to me?
Sanosuke looking mighty bored... or something.
                  Just because I'm dead doesn't mean I'm going to be HAPPY about it...
Tomoe and Sagara Taichou with a better look on his face than the previous picture...
Put the weapon down, Kaoru!  No Kaoru, don't kill him!   Just because he eats your food and doesn't pay for what he eats doesn't mean you should outright kill him!

Can you pose with us?  I don't think Kami-sama will believe that we found female crossdressers...
The Ah Megami-sama girls posing with Kenshin and Kamatari
Hey look ma!  I took a picture with the creator of our characters!
This is Yuu Watase with Tomo and Soi from Fushigi Yuugi.

I am woman, hear me roar!Hey, I never had this growth down HERE before...
Peter singing into a box of  Tampax.   Us 'men' at the urinal.  Marla's the only one manly enough to be a man, she's the only one looking down.
And for all your viewing pleasure, this lovely box of Tampax.  How much will you bid on it, player 1?  Matt's display of Tampax...
Oh yeah, we're DA BOYZ!  And we'll beat up anyone else who says otherwise o_o
Yes, we're the men.   Doesn't Marla just look so proud?

Pictures from Day 3 of people wandering in costume and such
Nuriko, Otaru, and Lime from Saber Marionette JDo I really have to pose for ANOTHER photo?
 Nuriko posing with Otaru and Lime from SMJ.         Utena posing at the Anime Pavilion booth.
Tomo and Soi from Fushigi YuugiHello Watase-sensei... no, I haven't been stalking you.  I won this autograph fair and square.
 Tomo and Soi once again.         Lucinda getting her autograph from Yuu Watase.

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