AnimeExpo 98-3rd day and Final Thoughts Another Kenshin and Aoshi!  Kickass!
            Since we got to bed about 5am... I got to sleep in till 10:30 today!  Wow!  That's probably the most I'd slept in the entire convention.  Lucinda again knocking at my door for the Watase signature session.  I can honestly say Sunday was a very sleepy day.  We got the signature, and later got a picture with Watase as a group ^_^;   That makes two pictures with the woman. I think Yuu Watase is sick of us now.  Really.
She must have thought we were stalking her too, poor woman.  Afterwards we went to a breakfast/lunch buffet at a local restraunt with a few people I didn't know.   David, Delan, and Lucinda seemed to know them, but I wasn't really familiar with anyone but those three ^_^;  After the meal, they went off to an arcade while Lucinda and I headed back for the hotel.  That was the last I saw of them.  We set up camp in the hotel lobby, I worked my final hours for Steve Lin's booth, helping with shutting down and all that jazz.  While I was doing this, they were doing THIS to Final Fantasy characters.  Oh the horror o_o.  I eventually headed back down to the lobby to hang with Lucinda for her last hour or so at the convention.  We took last minute pictures, and said our goodbyes.What do you get when you cross Aerith, Barret, and Cloud?  You get the new Clarret doll!
           This last day I didn't do much convention related, not compared to the last two days.  Everything seemed so short on this last day.  The bitch/comments session at the end though was a kicker.  It seems that EVERYONE had problems with the security from the hotel, to even the hotel staff telling people that their room parties were inappropriate, etc. I ran into Carmen, who I hadn't even seen since the day before the convention.  We migrated back to her and Jeremy's, talking about how things were, watched some X-files and the news. ^_^   It was a lazy night, and of course the final night for a crappy convention that was made cool by the people at it.  We left the next day for home.  The adventure complete. o_o;

Final Thoughts
           After being to so many conventions, I began to wonder why I actually attended these things.  It's always so expensive to go, and usually spend more of an effort and headache working out the details of  how to get there, and all the heartache of  a clash of personalities or two.  Then I think ofNuriko posing with Utena cool people like Lucinda and Matt whom I met both at conventions ( Lucinda: Akon 97, Matt: AX 97).  I realize that they are why I go to conventions.  Perhaps to meet another person who is just as cool, and perhaps meet another friend for life, as it were.  I've never been to a convention for the guests of  honor, I'd be disappointed if  I actually went for one, and missed him/her.  It's all about the people!  If someone went to a convention just to 'go to a convention', they'll probably not have much fun.  With having the commitments of Cosplay for AX of this year, I honestly did more this Anime Expo then probably the other two I had been to before, Lucinda and Julian.  He was our Shishio in earlier cosplay pics.combined.  It's all a matter of  finding a goal and sticking with it, and having as much fun as possible.  I'm glad for the people I've met... some now are wonderful friends that I could never have gotten to know if  not for the convention environment.  It's easier to meet people with common interests this way, other than just sitting on the internet and meeting people online whom you might not like much in a real environment.  Life's short!  Have as much fun as possible!  Remember that it's all about the people you meet and the things you do in life that make it interesting.  Party on Wayne!  Party on Garth!  Damn the man, save the empire! Eat your cereal with a fork, and do your homework in the dark!
Lucinda, Alice, and HenryMama and Sana-chan from KoDoCha
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