Project A-kon, Day 3 - Last day
          Well, since I really can't remember much else from A-kon... this day stands out more than any of the rest.  I think because I was depressed... you know, con being over, all that sort of stuff.  Anyways... so I dress up for the final day, catching people before they head off for good, getting a last pic or two.   I  head past that artists table one last time, giving him the drawing I made for him.  He seemed pretty happy about it.  I guess when one doesn't expect it, it's really cool ^_^;  The drawing wasn't that good, just a headshot of Kenshin ( Very similar to one I had done before ) as done with a fountain pen.   I was told it was clipped to his board for the rest of the day ^_^x  I ventured into the dealers room to pick up some final items.  The goods today?  3 bumper stickers. They say "ANIME: Drugs would be cheaper"  "Carpe Nocturne: We get more done after 2am then you do all day!" and "Everything I learned by killing smart people and eating their brains."
         Halfway through the last day, a fire alarm was pulled.  Yes!  We can't have an A-kon WITHOUT a fire going off or some other natural disaster! And we were BURNING DOWN the hotel?
I am glad that my con weekends can be enlightened with simple events such as being ushered out of the hotel and back in several times over.  Dave grabbed me and said we should all go to breakfast.  I waited, then went somewhere, came back, looked around, found more people, waited, then ended up missing breakfast entirely.  I assume they had it at some point in time, or at least lunch.  Instead, I went back to the room after a bit, and was talking with friends.  Suddenly, I just didn't feel like being around anyone.  It was an odd feeling.  I was already out of costume at this point, slipping on my sunglasses I go for the door.  Someone asks, "Will you be coming back?"  I said, "Maybe." without really a second thought.

Sae and Jeff-kunI'd like to thank the academy...
           Sae doing a pose for me.  I didn't quite catch her name at all.   Me, Connie, and Alice with the trophy.
       I thought I'd find enlightenment by wandering around the halls.  I found Dave for the first time in a while.  He asked me where I was when breakfast happened, and said it was cool, and instead is going to take me with him to dinner.  At this point I was like, "I really don't have any money."  But he said it as cool, and all that.  We went to this Japanese restraunt that was semi-far from the hotel.  I neglected to think that people might actually wonder where the hell I am ^_^x   The place was spectacular, with hibachi cooked food.   What I didn't figure out until afterwards was that this was a dinner for staff and guests of honor.  Occasionally Steve Bennett would wander over, or something would be passed around from another GoH... it was really something I'd *never* seen before.  A con first for me.Yes, the one picture I got of Lucinda this entire weekend o_o
         After dinner, I go to use the bathroom before we head back to the hotel.  I'm still wearing my scar and top, but everything else is rather average about me.  I leaned against the sink in the womens bathroom, all the stalls are occupied.  Then, a stall opened and Ippongi Bang walks out of it.  Now, I've never been to a convention for GoH, this was actually the first time I'd met anyone of that level (save Steve Bennett, who I met at KatsuCon2 as Sailor Mercury o_O, but I don't think it counts..) She looks at me, with a slight bow of the head saying, "Hello Kenshin-san."   I blink.  Okay, it's registering that the woman in front of me is Ippongi Bang.  I think I said, "Uh... Hello."  She smiled, washed her hands, and said, "You did very good in cosplay.  When I saw you wandering around the hotel, I thought you were a real boy."   I think my response was something like, "...".  I believe I thanked her, and then just shook my head o_O  How does ONE respond to a compliment like that.  Gee, I'm glad I'm masculine/feminine/adrogenus enough to look like a boy or a girl o_o;;;  For now, I think it's a compliment.  It means I pulled off the costume well.
 Me as Kenshin.  Yeah yeah.
                        I do not look like a boy, do I?   ORO?! @_@x

         I return to the hotel, a good 3-4 hours after I left the room, going up and knocking on the door to the Memphis folks room.  It opened, and I just get this response like "Where have you BEEN!?  We've been looking everywhere!".   I guess when I think back to how I said 'Maybe' and then OH MY GOD!  SOMEONE SCALPED AERITH!
disappearing FROM the hotel entirely for that long, one would suspect foul play.  Lucky for me things like that don't happen o_O, I just get taken to dinner and complimented by Ippongi Bang.  The night was how a last night would be.  No mark of the con ever being in the hotel, save the one or two straggling fanboys.  I stayed up talking with my friend Lynne, and met a new friend named Matthew who gave us massages on the lobby couches! :)  Off  to Memphis in the morning.  Needless to say, I didn't sleep much during the con.  It was cool.  A-kon I'd recommend anyone going to.  It's just FUN.

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