Project A-kon, Day 2 of 3
Kaoru, Kenshin, and Tomoe.         Day two of the glorious con we call A o_O   A few things were made clear this day.  1) More costumes had come out today than before, probably because it was a cosplay day. 2) Me, Connie (dressed as Kaoru), and Alice (dressed as Tomoe) decided to do a walkon for the cosplay.  3) Even though my intention was to hang with a certain person or so during the con, I ended up seeing her maybe once or twice during the entire thing (Yes, I'm talking about YOU, Aniki!).  Oh well, I had a great time :)  David, who was Tamahome last year (and part of this year.) was also dressed as Cloud from FF7.  Now the crew has a full cast :)  They put together a skit for the cosplay.  The results?  They got the Best Skit award, while my walkon group got the Judges Choice award (Steve Bennet).  Woo hoo, way to go guys ^_^; Goods picked up for today?  A DHP zippo lighter and a Tee shirt that has Cloud, Tifa and Aerith drawn Southpark style with Cloud wide eyed stating "Oh my God-!"  During the 2nd day, I found 3-4 Kenshin groups.  2 male Kenshin's, with their own Kaoru's (Both in Dojo trainer outfits), one of  that group participated in the cosplay.  And another female Kenshin, who was the pre-Rurouni one, right at the end of his reign as Battousai.   I unfortunately didn't have my camera when we took a picture with that group. :/
 Don't we just look cool?
                  Hello, we're here to save the planet.  You have 5 seconds to comply.

        Near the end of the 2nd day, I was wandering around the halls like my usual self, and saw thatKenshin Drawing from the artist guy! artist guy again.  I said hi.  I remember going through his portfolio again, and then he said, "Aww, here, you can have it." and gave me the drawing of  Kenshin he had shown me on the first day.  I was like O.Ox    People are so nice.  I thought it'd be cool to give him a drawing too, so I went to Aniki's room and bsed with that group while I idly drew.  I'm not sure if it was this night, or the night before, but it was on the news that Phil Hartman had just been murdered by his wife, just to put it in perspective of this night in history's' place.  Also on a completely unrelated issue,  Dave, also known as Tenken or something from Planet Vegita who was staying in my room, gave me a really nice looking Kenshin button.  It now adorns my camera bag ^_^x

Hey there groovie chick.  You're just happening in a far out way. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!  I knew working for Nerv would put me over the edge!

              Allen from Escaflowne as done by Eric.       Asuka Langley as done by the dub voice actress for her.
       Cool part about these conventions is for some reason, they also choose to have a dance.  By all means, the thing I really don't want to see are sweaty otaku on the dance floor...Tifa and Cloud doing a slow dance
BUT, when you're in a group of friends, it's all a great experience!   We did  a congo line, danced to some hip hop, and a little slow dancing, etc.  All and all it went on for several hours.  At about midnight, we headed up to another 'room party' that was showing Kodomo no Omocha (Child's Toy) 17-20 subtitled.  It was only then, past 2 am that I realized I hadn't eaten all day.  Off to Denny's it was!   Day two was a success.  Now to sleep my whole 3 hours and get back to con hopping :)
I don't know what you're talking about, but I do not have a squirrel on my head. Hello uhm, you want a picture of me?
  Wai!  Mama and Maro-chan!    Oh look, it's also Rick Hunter from Robotech AKA Hikaru from Macross

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