KatsuCon 3
         Considering I only attended KatsuCon 3 for ONE day, I sure have a lot of pictures!   Actually, I had asked for doubles from Geoff Tebbetts and Mike Young.  They both happily obliged, but  now I have a kajillion pictures of stuff I can't even remember ;p  Anyways, I'll include as much information as I can.  Dear god, I can't even remember who I ROOMED with...  it was probably Tony again... but I just can't remember.  Oh well, it's not important now o.o;   Yes, it had to be Tony.  I actually have some video footage of this convention, because my friend had lent me his video camera.  I was only able to attend one day because my brothers wedding was that Saturday.    I somewhat regret going to this convention, because of technical difficulties and my plane being delayed exactly 4 - 5 hours from a layover in Georgia, I had missed it by almost an hour ;p  I wonder if going was worth it?  Who knows.  I also dressed up as Nuriko from Fushigi Yuugi.  I had dyed my hair purple and had a cute little chinese outfit to go with.   Nothing too spectacular occured this convention.  It did make me realize I should stick to conventions a little closer to home.  I knew less and less people, where I was gaining friends at west-coast conventions.    It occured to me that I probably shouldn't go to Katsucon anymore - I haven't gone since.  Here are those pictures though!  Enjoy.
Andy as Tenchi.
Me as Nuriko
Me on the floor.  From left to right it would be Tony, Mark, Sean and Andy.
Basara from Macross 7
Kate and I can't remember the other girls name singing "Fly me to the Moon" from Evangelion.
Me singing "Winner" from Fushigi Yuugi.  I did bad.
The Mano girls
Kurama and Ataru
Randy and Sean try to sing... something.  I know they did really badly at it.  They were basically drunk off their asses.
Karaoke fun with the St Seiya theme!
And now, some St. Seiya cosplayers!
Steve Bennett in his Civil War garb
Tenchi and Washuu posing for a quick picture.
Rob Lantz singing "Mystic Eyes" from Vision of Escaflowne
Although he isn't dressed up, this is Mike Young
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