My first Anime con - KatsuCon 2, 1996

Yeah, it scares me that I had to have a "FIRST" one of these.  My first Anime Convention was KatsuCon 2 in My KatsuCon 2 Badge.  Whoopdeedoobeautiful Norfolk, Virginia.   It was snowing, and I really don't recall very much from this first con experiences.  Unlike the rest of my pages, which will have detailed information on what exactly I had done almost day by day - I can't remember much of what happened nearly 4 or so years ago.  I know, it's sad... but I will try to recall as much as I can.

First of all, I was a major Anime styled mucker at the time.  This being the first Anime convention I had ever attended, the only people I knew back then were only muckers.   I was invited to KatsuCon 2 on the good will of my online cousin, Tony  (I play Akane, Kyosuke's Cousin from Kimagure Orange Road.  He plays Kyosuke, so he naturally took me under his wing as his 'Cousin').  We were rooming with Geoff Tebbetts, and another mucker named Kenny.   The first night was the most hectic.  My plane had arrived, and I was promised by Tony that he would meet me there.  I had met Tony once before, and I was QUITE certain he was not there.  I looked around for the flight information and discovered that his plane had been canceled due to snow.  Great, now I won't know ANYONE I am rooming with.  The ONE roommate I would have known and recognized wasn't even able to come in till later.  So after several random calls to his cell phone, I discovered that I should just ride the shuttle to the Hotel.  I got there and was able to check in all right with just my name (He had made sure at least mine and Geoff's names were on the room).  Did I mention they lost my luggage?!  I remember something now about the plane losing my luggage.  This had never happened to me before either.  So I was stuck in a foreign city, with no extra clothes (Gee, my costume bag was FINE though ;p) - only costumes, and rooming with people I didn't know.  I'm surprised this didn't turn me off to the whole "Convention" experience.  But yet, it didn't.  Anyways, I digress...
He so tall!  Or I'm so short... @_@He looks so intimidating.  I wouldn't want to meet him in an elevator. Geoff as Ryouga
Me with Eric Johnson
I meet Geoff that night.  We both got to sleep on separate, FULL nice beds by ourselves because Kenny hadn't arrived, and Tony's flight got delayed.  I had gotten a call on the hotel phone from Randy, another fellow mucker who knew Tony was staying in our room.  He gave me a room number and said for us to come by.  I decided that there was nothing much to do, so I wandered that direction.  As I went to knock on the door, a group of people opened the door on their way out.  I was like "Oh... I'm sorry..."  and they looked at me, then one of them (His name is Eric) noted my Seatbelt belt.  I feel that it is sort of my 'Symbol'.  People have items and such that they wear that identify them to other people, my belt is one of those things that will always be associated with me.  Then , I can't recall if it was either Randy or Eric who asked me straight out if I was a mucker.  I was like "Uh... yeah, I'm Kasuga_Akane@RanmaMUCK" Yadda yadda, and Randy introduced himself, then introduced Eric.   I helped them bring up some equipment from the car and conversed through the night.

Too many people I don't know o.o
Pic of me with the East Coast crew.  I recognize... uh... Me, Randy, Anita, Chad, Brad, Kate, Rob and Mariah.

I can't really catalog this by days.  I remember that first night, because it was rather traumatizing.  I don't even They just look so cool ^_^think I was 18 yet  (I'm nearly 22 now).  Everything is rather hazy at best.  I was lead around by people for a lot of the con.  The guy who created Video Girl Ai was there (Katsura?).  I remember I saw the OVA's (This would be one of the first and ONLY times I've ever sat in a viewing room.  In my congoing days, I actually find staying in the viewing room to be rather tiring when I can be out doing OTHER STUFF) and picked up the soundtrack shortly after.  I never got his signature though ;p  I misunderstood and thought there were two different signature days.  Only one, and I had missed it.  Oh well.  I did the Karaoke - Sang "November Rain" from the Ranma 1/2 Calendar CD.  The best thing about Katsucon's Karaoke, is that EVERYONE makes out a winner.  No matter how bad your performance was, you will always get something for your trouble.  They had a big box of prizes and gave a choice of prize to whoever got the best votes.  Like the #1 person would get their choice of whatever they wanted, Person #2 would get whatever they want that was left, etc, etc.  I ended up with a Ranma 1/2 1996 Calendar.  I can't recall if Tony was able to come in Friday night, or Saturday day.   I remember when he did, we had ended up hanging out a bit.  We went to the Maison Ikkoku dub premier.  We also did a lot of BSing.  He's a great conversationalist, and I'm proud to call him my "Cousin" :)   I spent a lot of time in Randy's room with the East Coast 'Cosplayers'.   That was fun, they always had some sort of anime going at any time of the day.  To your right are two of the Guests of Honors at KatsuCon 2, the Voices of Natsumi and Miyuki from the You're Under Arrest AnimEigo dub.  Personally, that was one of the bests dubs put out on the market.  That's my opinion though.  Anywhos...

This also would be my first cosplay experience!  Yes, even though I was not prepared to do a skit or anything - Geoff had decided to dress up like Ryouga from Ranma 1/2.  I had a Ranma-chan costume with me, so... he put together a quick skit.  Unfortunately we did not get anything for our troubles, however Randy's group did a "All male" Sailor Senshi thing.  Basically the plot of the skit was Queen Beryl and her henchman, Jadeite (sp).  He was all confident and said "Yes, I have finally captured the Sailor Senshi!" and such.  Then the boys walk on stage in costume and she states "You idiot!  You captured their stunt doubles!"   I believe they ended up taking 1st place for that sucker.  I have lots of pictures of them, and many others from the cosplay (Like the boy senshi next to the counterpart girl senshi. It's cute)!  Enjoy.  In the end, they found my luggage.  The flight home was smooth, and I had a great time.  Geoff also saw Katsura buying coffee at 7-11.  How's that for weird?
The Sailor Senshi in their finest hour

Randy and random Sailor Jupiter girl
Rob and random Sailor Mars Girl
The 3 Sailor moon 'Girls' stand proud
Although it is hard to tell... that really IS Steve Bennett dressed up as Sailor Mercury with some Random Mercury girl.
I'm your venus, I'm your fire...
Eric and Nelson (I think that's his name) dressed up as Haruka and Michiru.  Eric used that costume for several years afterwards.
The entire male Sailor Moon group, along with a female Tuxedo Mask :)
 In the order that I actually recognize people... That's Kate dressed up as "Kei" from The Dirty Pair.  Me, dressed as Ranma-chan.  Not too sure the real name of the next guy, but he used to play Hollister on an old Muck I was on like... ages ago.  Next is Rob wearing his Mars costume, but also his Lupin Jacket.  I am not sure on this guys name or costume.  I apologize.  And of course, Pablo "Doc" dressed as Kunou from Ranma 1/2.
I don't know most of the people in this picture or the next.  Deelit (Sp?) from Loduss Wars.  Belldandy from Aa! Megami-sama!  Mariah dressed as Armitage.  I am not familiar with that persons costume.  And Kate as Kei from The Dirty Pair.
Video game folk here!  I see two Terry Bogards, a Ken, Doc as Ryu and a Joe Higashi.
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