Caught up in the world
A world of sparks and pain
There's nothing physical
Only live to hurt
But Chemical can never be enough

You need the thrill of love
But there's nothing real
In Chemical Love (2x)
Chemical Love

Drop, KA-BOOM! Hear the hiss?
Can't you feel that deadly mist is comin' your way,
Thanks to me
I'm Chemical Love and I'm pleased to meet my next victim
Come on, take a taste
Mess with me and I'll bomb and this place with,
Dance moves so gimme room
While you breath in my deadly perfume

When I drop to the floor,
That's when I pump some more,
Gases into your body
You can't compete when I bomb the party
Saren Monoxide is free if you got the nerve to fight me so,
If you do, Beware 'cause,
Chemical Love put the flavor in the air!

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