What's this?

Well, this is a small collection of examples of my artwork, with a left sidebar to a lot of other random webpages I've put together, but by far not ALL.  I have a lot of stuff on my site that's not linked, those are just the more interesting parts.  Description of the pieces in their specfied spots.  Hope it's easy enough to navigate. 

I realize there's a lot of anime crap here.  I draw a varied amount of characters and styles, just "Fanart" is less likely to be stolen than original characters.  

La Vie Boheme - An Utena Fanart Piece, and one of the best collections.  Mediums range from Airbrush, Gouauche, Charcoal, Marker, and even your standard ink pen.  Submitted for a contest.
Lost Squall -  I really like this image.  I love the coloring on it, but the hands could be like 200% better.  Oh well.  FF8!
Anime Brad - It was for a contest, I didn't win, But... It's the first image I've ever colored fully in Photoshop.  Feel the godlike power of Photoshop.
Kitty Pryde - Probably one of the most recent images here.  This was done before Ultimate X-men #21 or so.  A friend of mine presented me a challenge to draw Kitty Pryde as I would think she'd be illustrated like by Kubert for the Ultimate universe.  I hadn't seen any previews of the issues or conception sketches - this was all me visualizing what she may appear to look like.  If I only drew freckles, I would have been almost exactly right :P
Sexy Tommy - While working on a not-yet-done Cats On Mars story arc, I drew up a really sexy version of Tommy! 
I'll add more if there's a want for it, but I already have a really crappy art gallery on my own website, this is just pointing out the best of them instead of having to go through a bunch of old images.
Boy reading a book - Eh, not much.  I just love these markers. Kiyone - A sketch of Kiyone I did for a someone.
Did I mention I do an online comic?  On the left you'll see the link to "Cats On Mars: The Comic!" That's some of my worst artwork right there, but it's fun in it's own "This is really pure crap, but true comedy!" sort of way.  This isn't a good gauge of my work, considering I do these in a very short amount of time and don't bother with details. December 24th, 9pm - Another picture of Kiyone.  This time dressed as Mark from RENT.  Drawn while working Tech Support.