Nuriko's sorry attempt at an art gallery

I must have been insane when I originally designed this crappy ass art gallery as an example of my work.  Of course, I only realize this years later.  I'm going to go through and date when I did the images, have little comments, etc.  At least that way it'll make a bit more sense, and at least there is some sort of organization put here.  I'll honestly try my best.   Remember, all this crap was drawn by me at some point in my miserable life.  I do not call myself a fan artist.  Over the years, my artwork has gotten remarkably better, but that's just in my own opinion.  You may think otherwise.  In this section, not only will I have pieces of art done with pen, pencil, ink, markers, etc... but also some random work with Bryce 3D, and such.  I'll try my best to explain what you're clicking on before you do it.  If you like something you see, please don't steal it or anything, yadda yadda yadda.  Let me know if you want to use it for some reason (like that is ever gonna happen) and whatnot.  Sound easy enough?

Over many years and years, I've become a fan of several anime series'.  My goal in life is to become a comic book artist.  No, not a "Manga" artist.  Manga would mean I am going to create 'manga', which is just a japanese word for comic.  I'm an american, and dammit, I grew up on the X-men - learning to draw from such examples as Jim Lee and Joe Madureira.  So whatever I do, I'm doing COMICS, not manga.  If by some amazing task I ever make work that gets published in japan, then, and ONLY then will I be doing manga ;p  Anywhos... I honestly wanted to work for Marvel, even at the time when great artists were leaving Marvel to do stuff on their own books (Image).   I could honestly scan in all my older stuff to show that I was really good at copying that style.  I gathered a knack for being able to look at an image and draw it exactly as pictured.  This is a useful skill, say, if I were an animator.  However, this isn't the way to make yourself a name in comics.  I decided I needed to work on my own style.  I eventually learned that a unique style is very hard to come up with.  I became interested in the anime genre, and so a great deal of that influenced my work.  It's sort of a style between modern comic book styles and anime styled work.   My aspirations are just that, aspirations.  I haven't had a job where I can sit back and draw for 8 hours a day, even though I would really like it.  Over several years I have scanned a bunch of my pieces.  Hopefully I can one day say that I've done something with it.

I started drawing int he anime style at about... early 1996 or so.  Although, I don't believe any of those pictures are available here.    A great deal of the items here are from 1997 and on.   At this point in my life I was primarily focused on the popular series Fushigi Yuugi.   First image to your right is a group picture I had drawn for a friend of mine, Christine.   It features Chichiri, Tasuki, Nuriko and Hotohori.  It isn't very full of life, and is done with pencils.  Looks like it was done 5/97. Fushigi Yuugi Group Picture

Here is a simple image of Nuriko done in modern styled clothing.  His kanji was badly overlayed with Photoshop from another image I had drawn of the kanji.   I dislike the awkward hand placement.  The outfit I later took to apply to an original character of mine.  Also done 5/97. 

This is an attempt at a handsome picture of Chichiri in Modern styled clothes.  It was inked with a sakura pen.  It was done for a friend of mine named Matt that I had recently met that Anime Expo 97.  He was dressed as Chichiri at the con.  I can't even recall as to why I drew the picture for him, other than a "Thank you" for providing me with the parts to help me get a real computer together.  He's still a really good friend, and I think he scanned this in for me long ago.  Either way... very clean image, because of the inking job.  Although, I really had no clue about things like "line quality" and such.  For such little knowledge, I put out a somewhat decent piece.   7/97.

I have no idea what I was thinking.   I think I attempted to draw all the seishi in pretty 'modern' styled clothing.  This is Mitsukake in a modern styled shirt and a comb in hand.  Again, I hate the awkward hand placement.   His body is too long while his torso is too small for the upper body I put on the poor guy.  Oh well.  I don't care enough for Mitsukake to actually fix this image.

There always seems to be weird art with a need for explaination.  This would be one of them.  At this time in my life, I was heavily on anime themed roleplaying areas, one of which would be MUCK styled roleplaying.  Nuriko was a good friend of Kiyone on one of these places, and so came this image.  Maybe in some weird, screwed up way, they would make a funny pair like Mulder and Scully.  This prompted this image.  No date on the image, but it was somewhere between February and June of 97.

I was not really impressed with the original image.  There were certain aspects about it that made me think "Gee, I could have done this better" blahblahblah.  This is one fo those rare occasions that I actually re-drew the image to better suit things.   On some aspects, it's a better image.  The faces look less flat, the clothing a bit slimmer.  The penciling on it is a bit tighter.  I think I used a mechanical pencil on this one.  Done 10/98.

This is an odd image - also another I later revised.  It was a picture drawn in response to some roleplaying that had happened.  Nuriko had borrowed Hotohori's sword, and then became seriously injured.  It's a picture of Nuriko in a crouched pose holding the deity sword carefully.  Problems I found ... Legs look too round, bad perspective on it, etc.   Somewhere in 97 again.  estimated Februrary.

The revised of the above image, done around 10/98.

A second image done for Matt back in 1997, featuring Madoka and Kyosuke from Kimagure Orange Road.  This picture was inked using the same styled pens as the Chichiri image.  Same problem with other images... too long a body, not a big enough bottom for the size that is presented.  I still haven't exactly fixed this, but I'm learning.

Image of myself as drawn for a "LIfe Drawing" college class.  5/97.

This image was created as a sort of "test".  I was bored and online, and just started asking for suggestions from everyone for stuff to draw.  One guy asked "Reno" from the Turks, a Final Fantasy 7 character.  I was given a very tiny image as a reference, and came up with this item. Reno of the Turks from FF7

Here's an image of Satoshi and Meiko from Marmalade Boy together.  This is before I actually learned how to ink, so it's just a somewhat crappy image of the two characters.  I am not sure exactly when this was done, but I'm quite sure it was before the summer of 98. 
Satoshi and Meiko

This image was done at about the same time as the MB one.  It's a picture of Hayama and Sana from Kodomo No Omocha. 
Akito Hayama and Sana Kurata

This was at a time where I was introduced to a beautiful series known as "Rurouni Kenshin".  Although I didn't know much about it, I decided that the lead character was neat enough to draw.  I have a great deal of images featuring Kenshin, or characters FROM Kenshin.   This is the start of that.
Kenshin in relaxed pose

Picture of Kaoru, done the exact same night as the Reno pic - Someone asked for one. 
Kaoru head shot

Finally, I figured out how to ink.  It took me a REALLY long time, but I finally figured out some aspects of what inking really is.  This image proves it.  It's a picture of Kenshin looking down.
Kenshin Himura looking down (ink!)

Weird image that I pulled out of my ass.  I didn't know much about Evangelion, but I thought it'd be funny to put Kenshin in a plugsuit.   Just pencils.
Kenshin in an EVA plug suit (???)

Odd image of Kenshin done in really bad crayola water colors.  But it turned out really nice!  Really!

Wow!  Finally something NOT Kenshin related that was drawn in 1998.  A pretty image of Nuriko with a katana sword.  Originally drawn for my crappy FY Fic, Ryuuen's Dream.
Nuriko with a katana-like sword

These were done in later 1998.  Its a patch of images that I drew with the concept in mind of "What if Nuriko was a model?"  So here are those images.  Some pretty nice items.  I also have a colored image of downpose.jpg, which I will list later.

Lotsa neat FY related pics here.  First, here's that downpose image colored.

An image of Hotohori looking rather sexy, done in water colors.

Cute SD Version of Nuriko in a cap and gown.  Done in collaboration as the NurikoPoseXmas pic for my friend Lucinda's Christmas Gift 1998.  She also graduated from college at that time. 

Random Photoshopping of an image.  Not really good, just sort of a "Gee!  Look!  I learned what Layers were!" type thing.

Here I this starts off a few images.  My friend Harold got bored and was like "Hey!  There's this contest on RPGamer for drawing an anime version of this guy, Brad.  You should enter it!  I entered, although, I did not win.  I did put out a really nice picture.  Here is that image.  The entire image is colored in Photoshop.  That is a rare thing for me, considering this is one of the few pictures I've managed to color successfully in Photoshop. AniBradPic.jpg

Yet another RPGamer contest, this was draw a Triple Triad Cards of Veronica and Brad.  I am not really a regular on the site, but at the time Harold really bugged me into checking on this contest.  I actually won @_@;;;  Egad.  Anyways, here is that image.  I later did submit another image to Veronica to use for her signature.  I gotta draw some more for her... erf..  must stop getting busy.  On a side note, it's sort of 'off' from my regular style.  I was almost attempting to capture the essance of the Final Fantasy 8 triple triad artwork, but alas I ended up realizing I had a deadline (like...hours) so decided to submit what I had.

A very casual image of Misato and Kaji from Neon Genesis Evangelion fame.   Done in water colors.

One of two "Movie" parody styled posters.  This is a parody in regards to "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion".  This is Yui and Miaka's Miko Reunion!  Haha... Anyways, it was done to sell at conventions in 1999.. but since I had no luck/bids at Akon, I didn't take it to anymore cons.  Oh well.  Here it is.

This image was done MUCH later in the year, around December of 1999.  It was a poster done for my Anime Expo 1999 skit "Ryouji Kaji: The Spy Who Shagged Me".  It was done with some water colors, inks, and Guoauche (SP).  It was actually done as my "Final Project" for my college Illustration class.   The crap I get away with astounds me to no end.
Ryouji Kaji, The Spy Who Shagged me!

The next few items are actually done with Bryce 3D.  I know, it doesn't take a brilliant person to actually USE Bryce, it practically makes things itself... however, some of these images are pretty nice.  So here they are.  This first image is the first one I had ever done.  Just a pyramid with a pretty purple backround.  I've learned that I really like water... a LOT.  Water and fog.

This image was a composition with Bryce 3D and poser 3.  Nothing spectacular, again, however I really like the shading and positioning of the figure.  The only problem is the fact that the rock is SLIGHTLY raised out of the water.  I didn't realize that until after I rendered the image.  Oh well.

Stone henge thing, water, deathstar.  Hence, Deathhenge!

Okay, this image took way too long to do.  After composing the image with many different objects within the program, it took nearly an hour to render the poor thing.  Once it was finally rendered, I took the image into photoshop, gave it a slight blue sheen and added a lense flair.  I like it, but it's not really as exciting as I could probably do now.

Ever see the musical RENT?  Well, it's not as known as Cats or West Side Story, but it's got it's own fanbase, and whatnot.  I got bored and decided to do a piece inspired by the RENT cover from the musical CD.  Here are Utena Characters done in that style.  Utena Rent Image

Pretty picture of my friend Gary, slightly SD style.   I mentioned I would try to do the image for his AX badge.  It was not exactly up to snuff for what he wanted, but the image is on my website.  Yet another image colored with photoshop.

More to come

All right - all the pics done here were drawn by a fan, yadda yadda, please do NOT use without permission, even though I'd be honored you'd ask, it's just a matter of asking.  The email is  Thanks for listening ^_^