Shinomori Aoshi
             Kick ass leader of the Oniwa Banshu, this guy has a cold attitude and the cunning fighting style to match.  A young fighter, acknowledged for his skills early on, he lead the Oniwa Banshu.  Hired to defend a man named Takada Kanryuu, his group was defeated by Kenshin and his group.  Kanryuu turned on them, opening fire on them with a machine gun.  Aoshi survived, driving him to become stronger.
Here are the stats on the man.
Name: Shinomori Aoshi
Height:182cm  Weight: 72kg
Born: 1853 year
Birthdate: Sometime in January
Zodiac: Aquarius
Bloodtype: A type
Equipment: Kodachi
Current Style: Oniwabankyohou jutsu - Kodachi jutsu

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