This is my shrine to the best character in Kimagure Orange Road, Akane.  You're probably asking yourself who the hell this Akane character is.  Well, as most really excellent characters are, she was a very little-used character in the animated series.  However, what people really don't know is that she was featured greatly in the Manga series.  To give a little backround, she's about the same age as Kyosuke and does live remotely near the family.  She is the older sister to Kazuya, who is also a major troublemaker.  In fact, most of the big storylines that dealt with Kazuya in the TV series were actually originally Akane focused stories in the manga, rewritten for the character of Kazuya because of Akane being omitted from the Television run.  She had only been featured in two of the OVAS for the series.  She was intoduced in Volume #7 of the manga collections.  These images are ones that I have scanned and colored in my own time.   Please do not steal my images for your own webpage.  Yeah, like there are really any other major Akane sites out there - regardless, out of respect for the half-assed art job I've done with them, please don't take them, thanks. ~ Nuriko.
All I really want to know is what 
exactly a "Badin Men" is.
Information:  Well, if you're here, you most likely know a little about the character of Akane.  Here are some mindless and useless facts that you really don't need to know, but I'll include anyway.  Akane has a major thing for one of the main characters, Ayukawa Madoka.  In the animated series they portrayed Akane with a slightly more 'boyish' haircut and had her use a masculine phrasing when referring to herself (Boku).  In the Manga, she refers to herself as the feminine version of the word I (Atashi) and her hair, although still short, is a bit less butch.  Although Akane is still a bit of a lesbian in the manga, she doesn't do things really as maliciously as she did in those OVA episodes.  The first OVA was sort of a squished together version of 4 or so separate manga stories.  Most incidences happened when she was drunk, and it was mostly unintentional - not with the intention of getting Kyosuke in trouble.   The Second OVA episode was much closer to the manga version, save for the fact that there had been a bet going on between Kazuya and Kyosuke.  They omitted Kazuya from all the OVAs (Among another character, Yusaku), so you actually can logically watch all of KOR (Movies, TV, OVAs and all) and not realize that Akane and Kazuya are related in any way, shape or form.  You might just think everyone related to Kyosuke wants him in deep shit.  It comes down to the fact that it's really hereditary to be mischevious cousins ^_^;

So japanese gay women wear ties and ugly
shirts.  Oh wait, she's not gay,  it's just the 80's.

Oh Akane, you make me want to join a
motorcycle gang and kidnap japanese schoolgirl
misfits every day of my life.
So I bet you're saying "How can her name be 'Kasuga Akane' since Kyosuke's name is Kasuga as well?  This is one of those weird debates I've been going over for a long time.   Both Akane and Kazuya have the family powers (Teleportation, plus whatever special ESP gift they have).  Kyosuke inherited his powers from his Mothers side of the family.  It's not clearly mentioned anywhere, but it does happen in some cultures that if the womans' family name is from a higher respected or more prominant than the future husbands name, the husband will take her last name.  A good example of this would be from Neon Genesis Evangeion where Gendou was originally Rokubungi Gendou, and then changed his name to Ikari Gendou, after his wife Yui once they were married.  Another sidelong debate would be if Ranma married Akane, would she become "Saotome" or is it because she's technically the heir to the Dojo, he would take on the name "Tendo"?  Oh the fun we can have with this...

When I learned about the character, I described her as having "brown hair, brown eyes.".  My 'cousin' Tony (who roleplays Kyosuke at same place that I have Akane) told me "No, she has purple hair and purple eyes."  Although I really don't care one way or the other, her manga version has very light shaded hair, probably indicating that she at least has a light brown hair.  In these images I've taken the liberty and artistic licsence to shade her hair purple.  If anything, it looks much cooler than brown hair and brown eyes.

This image to the left is from a manga story (That had also been done in the television series) where Kyosuke had been zapped to an alternate reality where he did not exist and the city was a gang-ran enviroment.  In the manga, the head of the gang who whipped Madoka and was eventually taken down by Kyosuke was Akane.  In the TV series it was the Fiancee to Madoka's cousin, Shuu (For reference, the guy with the band, and she was the lead singer).  Her name was Yukari.   Akane looks much cooler.

She really is the best character in the entire series.  Madoka is way too perfect to seriously be real.  Kyosuke's a bumbling idiot - if he had any sense in the begining, he would have never gotten stuck with Hikaru in the first place.  Hikaru has very little redeeming value in my book - I personally would shoot her or strangle her if I lived back in 1986 and attended a Japanese High School.  But I didn't.  I was 8 years old.  Going with this notion, that would make the entire cast of this series nearly 30 years old now.  I mean, you really don't THINK about it too much, but when you see that episode where Kyosuke somehow goes back in time to 1982, you feel really old.  Either by going "Wow, I was "X" old back then." Or "I wasn't even born".    Kimagure Orange Road holds a very special place in my heart, but not because of it's age.  It was the first series I sat through all the way, on my own.   I introduced myself to KOR, so it makes the series very special to me.  Anyways, I've really gone off subject here.  Akane seemed, out of the choices given, the most real to me.  Over the years I've grown to appreciate the underdeveloped manga character and hope that others feel the same way.  Maybe, sometime in the far future, Matsumoto will agree to allow an english publisher to release Kimagure Orange Road to the United States so that the rest of the world will understand why she is so cool.  Until then, my friends, keep her spirit alive!

In a nutshell, here is a quote from the ONLY scene Akane is in from the Shin Kimagure Orange Road Novel 1 with Kazuya and Kyosuke's sister.

"No, Oniichan!" Kazuya cried. "Why did you die?"
"You klutz, Kyosuke!" Akane added. "Just when you were so happy about having gotten to the point where you can have sex with Madoka!"
"Hey, don't say things like that, Akane!"  Manami said, "Wait a minute, Akane and Kazuya. Oniichan isn't dead yet."


Akane looking less and less butch.

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