Let The Music Take Control (Hiro's Groove) - Hiro-kun's Theme

Everybody needs a hero
Whose not afraid to start from zero
Somebody who will stand up
When everyone is falling down
Hiro will stand his ground

Stay Hiro is on the way
He's grooving, prooving
He knows how to live
Stay Hiro is on the way
He's got a whole lot of
Soul to give

Dacing like a hero
HIro let your body go
Dancing like a hero
Let the music take control
Even if you
Dace 'till you're the last one standing
You won't be alone
Dancing like a hero
When the groove is in your bones

Yeah you know he's got the power
To get in the groove and rock for hours
He's ready and he's able
Just keep turning those tables on
He'll boogie all night long