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I'm Elias and this is my homepage. Forgive the C64 look.

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IM accounts:

	elias.ross@gmail.com (GTalk/Jabber)
	eliasross@hotmail.com (MSN)
	generic_elias (Yahoo!)
	genericelias (AOL)

My home address:

	Elias Ross
	1025 NE 73RD Street
	Seattle, WA 98115

My cell phone: +1-425-466-8702


I am part-time contributor to the RHQ open-source monitoring project.

I was a part-time contributor to the JBoss application server open-source project. My profile is found here: genman.

I also a registered contributor to the Log4j Apache project.


Outside the realm of educational and commercial institutions, I try to enjoy my few hobbies and see my friends.

Being a computer geek since my TRS-80 at age nine, since my C64 through middle school and the i386 till now, you can guess my main hobby probably is programming. I've touched all the languages I could get my hands on for writing. I've programmed for about 15, 16 years and have learned pretty much everything about computer programming on my own. Around the first time I wrote my first network modem game, I was learning basic algebra in 6th grade.

Online, you can spot me occasionally on Usenet, Irc, or maybe a few mailing lists. I help with open source projects, such as JBoss and Log4j as part of my work.

My resume covers most of the computerish stuff, so I won't talk about those things.

I like many outdoor activities to get me out of the office. I bicycle everywhere I can. On water, I have two Feathercraft kayaks I've taken all over the world, and a boat I built myself: a two-person "Pygmy".

Being lazy from a hard day's labors, I sit down and watch Anime, read books (Manga), and fold Origami. I listen to various forms of music, some of it in Japanese. I watch movies only found at one video rental store in the country, Scarecrow Video.


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